Cost of Living

The cost of living in Malaysia is relatively low compared to neighboring countries . The main discrepancy in prices is evident when buying cigarettes, alcohol or luxury items, as Malaysia places a higher sales tax on these items.

Malaysia offers a range of accommodation options, and the price is highly dependent on what you are after. When looking for accommodation it is always good to enquire about the local traffic in the area, and to double check the daily routes you will take as a short distance can become a long commute during rush hour traffic. Using public transport can become a lifesaver.

Food prices are generally quite low, particularly if you are buying local products. Malaysia has a fine range of cuisine from across the world, and this is reflected in the many types of restaurants available. You can have an immensely satisfying meal at a shop for just USD1.50, while three square meals can be enjoyed for under USD5 per day. So, if you’re prudent, your food bill for a month can be contained within USD100.

Be prepared to allocate an average of at least USD15 per month to cover medical and hospitalisation insurance as well as for outpatient treatment at a private clinic in case you are taken ill.

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