Human Resource Management

This course is ideal for students who would like to pursue a career in human resources. The human resources department in an organization handles the employees, right from attracting the right talent and the recruitment process, to the training and rewarding of employees. Human resource management also ensures that labor laws are complied with and that the employees are well taken care of.

In the beginning of the 20th century, when the human relations movement took place, human resources was born. It was conceived when researchers began recording strategies and methods to manage the workforce in ways that prove most beneficial to businesses.

In small companies, the HR tasks may be performed by a few designated people, while in larger companies there are entire departments with HR professionals who take care of the human resources. The highest position that a HR executive can rise to is the Chief HR Officer, who reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer of an organization. With the growth in importance of personnel and their management in organizations, human resource management has become a chosen field for many.

The diploma in human resource management at Victoria International College (VIC) educates students in all the theories related to human resources and also imparts practical knowledge that is beneficial for industry experience.

About the Course

The Diploma in Human Resource Management offered by VIC is designed for students who want a career in human resources or who are already a part of this sector and would like to improve their career prospects. It combines the theories of human resource management with practical knowledge that is on the lines of current industry trends. The students will be trained in the key aspects of handling personnel. Some of the subjects in this program include:

  • Organizational Behavior
  • Basic Bookkeeping
  • Understanding Human Behavior
  • Compensation
  • Human Resources Management
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Wellness in the Workplace
  • Business Finance & Accounting
  • Business Communications
  • Principles & Practices of Supervision
  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Labor Relations
  • Training & Development
  • Human Resources Planning

Organizational Behavior: This course aims at providing an understanding of the behavior of people within an organization. The factors that influence employee behavior, production and effectiveness will be studied. Topics that will be covered under this module include leadership, job-design, perception and decision-making. Case studies, role plays and group exercises will be used to enhance the subjects understanding and provide real life scenarios.

Basic Bookkeeping: This module familiarizes students with the theories, methods and applications of bookkeeping. The skills and tools required for bookkeeping will be taught. The basic methods of recording and maintaining financial transactions of an organization are examined. It teaches students how to summarize a company's financial information and how to make it available as and when required.

Understanding Human Behavior: This module addresses psychology as a social phenomenon and behavioral science. Individual interaction is studied in relation to other people, the working environment and technology. Topics that are covered under this subject include personality, pathology, deviance, aggression, conformity, self-image, blind obedience and human nature.

Compensation: The compensation system is examined here and the methods of developing, administering this system are addressed here. This module enables the student to understand the connection between compensation and organizational movement, the role of compensation as a motivating factor and the theory and practical aspects of compensation.

Human Resources Management: This module demonstrates the fundamentals of human resource management. The importance and effect of human resource management on an organization are studied in detail. The main topics that are covered in this module are: planning human resources, evaluating human resources, ensuring high performance, strategic management of human resources and selecting human resources.

Occupational Health & Safety: This module introduces the issue of health and safety within the workplace. This is a multi-faceted subject and the political, personal, technical and legislative issues need to be highlighted. A thorough knowledge of laws and regulations will be covered. This module focusses on the ever changing field of health and safety.

Wellness in the Workplace: This module is similar to occupational health, but it concentrates solely on promoting wellness in an organization. The different strategies and interventions that promote well-being are examined. Strategies and programs used in organization to improve health of the employees will be studied. The means of designing and evaluating wellness programs will also be explored.

Business Finance & Accounting: The concepts of accounting and finance will be studied under this module. Topics covered under this module will include: financial statement analysis, creating financial statements, concepts of accounting, and sources of finance, planning profit, budgeting and other financial concepts.

Business Communications: This module teaches students to effectively communicate information in a working environment. Effective skills in writing and speaking will be taught. Students will also learn how to make presentations in a company in order to communicate business strategies. Cultural diversity and cross-cultural communication will be addressed under this subject. Group activities will be held in order to give the students an opportunity to demonstrate their communication skills.

Principles & Practices of Supervision: This subject aims at equipping students with the skills necessary for effective supervision. Leadership qualities and empathy will be the focus of this module. Role plays and case studies will help improve the learning experience of the students. The behavior of supervisors will be examined in detail as well.

Recruitment & Selection: This is one of the most important modules in the program. It examines the process of selecting employees and then hiring them. The method of shortlisting and judging individuals will be highlighted. The different techniques used for recruitment are studied under this module.

Labor Relations: The emphasis of this module will be to study the relationship between employees and employers. Grievance handling and collective bargaining will be highlighted here. Students will be taught how best to solve employee problems and how to promote positive and healthy relationships among coworkers in an organization.

Training & Development: This is a vital part of all organizations. Staff regularly undergoes training in new methods and procedures in order to promote the overall development of the company. Working models will be analyzed and the functional parts of training will be examined. Topics that this module covers include: needs assessment, standards of performance, group dynamics and the management of training and development.

Human Resources Planning: The theories behind human resources planning will be examined here. Topics addressed in this course include human resource forecasting, manpower planning, and job analysis and management development.

Why choose this Course?

Students with a diploma in Human Resource Management will be able to take on a large number of roles within an organization. All these roles will be related to personnel management. Organizations entirely rely on its employees for smooth functioning. This course teaches students how to optimize business while satisfying the staff.

All the staff members at Victoria International College are known for their expertise in their fields of specialization and are constantly receiving training in teaching techniques. The faculty members impart practical knowledge and training to their students, which facilitates their transition from the class room to the industry.

This course combines research, theory and practical inputs to deliver the best education to its students. VIC focusses on individual attention and achieves this by limiting the sizes of its classes.

Career Prospects for Students

Most organizations need HR professionals to manage their employees. Students who are qualified in Human Resource Management can find various job opportunities in their sector as the more and more industries are realizing the importance of their human resources. Some of the job opportunities that this program opens up include:

  • Staffing Director
  • HR Generalist
  • Technical Recruiter
  • Employee Relations Manager
  • Compensation Manager
  • Placement Manager
  • Organizational development consultant
  • Training and Development Manager

About Victoria International College

Victoria International College has earned the reputation of being a leading educational institute since its initiation in 1976. The courses are aligned with the latest trends in the industry and the faculty members are very well-known in their fields.

The College is focused on imparting education of the highest degree in order to aid its student's success. It focusses on the all-round development of the students. The learning environment is multicultural and interactive, and has students from all over the world. The holistic approach adopted by the university involves flexible teaching methods that can be altered to suit the varying needs of students. Questioning and reflection are encouraged in ordered to ensure an in-depth understanding of course material.

Victoria International College is tied up with organizations all around the world which reinforces the fact that its education is of international standards. The university is equipped with state of the art facilities in terms of technology and infrastructure that will not leave students wanting.

The Victoria International College is affiliated to Barathiar University, Griffith University, London Metropolitan University, Victoria University, Lincoln University, La Trobe University, Strathclyde University and Keele University. These links improve prospects for students looking to pursue further education abroad.

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