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BBA International Business

BBA International Business

Bachelor of Business Administration (International Business) (BBA-IB) is a three-year fulltime course which aims towards building future professionals rather than mere degree holders. The BBA International Business curriculum prepares students for positions in global business operations, government, or international agencies in the fields of economic development and international trade.

The course is designed to give students the basic understanding of the management concepts and an understanding of doing business internationally. The structure of the program is so planned that it equips the students to imbibe holistic education and requisite skills. Throughout the coursework students get an opportunity to learn the various aspects of International Business and earn the basic managerial skills and communications skills.

The program has a definite edge over regular BBA as it provides a concentrated focus of study and the student, at a young age is able to comprehend nuances and tactics of business. This program also lays a knowledgeable foundation for students who may want to pursue higher education in Malaysia or internationally. This major offers a combination of basic business knowledge with an interdisciplinary study of international policies and practices to help you navigate the international business.

The BBA International Business major is also appropriate for students planning to pursue graduate studies in fields where knowledge of international business is beneficial, like law, international relations and public policy. We also encourage IB majors to use electives to deepen their knowledge in a specific business field.

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