Professional Beautician Diploma

Summary Programs:

The beauty industry is a billion dollar industry and it is one of the fastest growing industries around the world. Therapists who have gained professional and recognized certification can quickly gain career placements in spa and beauty establishments. A beautician can have a career as a pedicurist, a manicurist, a masseur, an aroma therapist, or as a consultant. The option of starting one’s own salon or parlour also remains open.

Enrolling in a Course

Students can choose a comprehensive spa and beauty programs, or they may choose to narrow their focus to more specific programs like manicure & pedicure, makeup, massage course, aromatherapy or hair styling.

Beauty Therapy

The program covers a wide range of subjects from manicures, body massage and waxing through to holistic treatments such as aromatherapy and reflexology. In Malaysia, there are a wide range of courses for students to choose from. Students may choose to specialize in the following areas:


In a facial class, students learn practical skills such as skin analysis, cleansing, balancing, toning, moisturizing, steaming, extraction, facial massage and applying tailor-made face masques.

Spa Programs

This program is for the student who wants to work in a day spa, cruise ship or beauty salon. Students learn the best pampering spa techniques to relax and rejuvenate clients stressed up from their busy and hectic schedules.

Massage Therapy Programs

Massage therapy is becoming an increasingly popular program offered at beauty and cosmetology schools. With holistic health in mind, a typical massage therapy course teaches students to relieve pain, discomfort and stress for clients through physical pressure and touch.


In a typical aromatherapy programme you will be taught specific aromatherapy massage techniques, the art of blending and practical uses for each of the essential oils.

Manicure & Pedicure

Nail technology students learn about maintenance and care procedures for nails and skin of the hands and feet including nail art and design. Many schools are also teaching hand, calf and foot massages to their students.

Program Syllabus

- Theory & Practical


Administer Safety Practice

- Carry out House Keeping

- Carry out Salon Premises Sanitation

- Organise Work Station

- Maintain First Aid Kit

- Conduct First Aid

- Handle Fire Situation

- Carry Out Equipment Sterilization

- Carry Out Waste Disposal



- Handle Enquiries

- Carry Client Consultation


Personal Appearance and Communication

- Carry Out Facial Cleansing

Carry Out Facial Deep Cleansing

- Carry Out Facial Massage

- Carry Out Facial Mask Therapy


Perform Eyebrow / Eyelash Enhancement

- Carry Out Eyebrow Shaping


Perform Make-up Activities

- Carry Out Face Contour Analysis

- Carry Out Day Make-up

- Carry Out Evening Make-up


Perform Manicure

- Carry Out Hand and Nail Analysis

- Carry Out Water Manicure

- Carry Out Hot Oil Manicure

- Carry Out Finger Nails Varnishing


Perform Pedicure

- Carry Out Foot and Nail Analysis

- Carry Out Water Pedicure

- Carry Out Hot Oil Pedicure

- Carry Out Toe Nails Varnishing


Perform Superfluous Hair Removal

- Carry Out Superfluous Hair Analysis

- Carry Out Cold Waxing

- Carry Out Warm Waxing

- Carry Out Hot Waxing

- Carry Out Superfluous Hair Lightening


Perform Salon Administrative Functions

- Carry Out Salon Inventory Check



Theory, Practical, Preparation of Portfolio, Oral Questions



: Victoria International College Beautician Diploma

: Sijil Kemahiran M'sia - Level 1 (JPK)

Core-relative subject (elective)

  • English class (Beginner/intermediate/advance : 1 year )
  • Bahasa Melayu class (Beginner/intermediate/advance : 1 year )
  • Information technology class (ICT) – office software/statistical (subject to change)
  • Social-Skill class (communication) (subject to change)
  • Entrepreneurship class and activities (subject to change)

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