Resident Facility

The college has comprehensive hostel facilities for the students. All prospective candidates are required to procure the Hostel Handbook of Information for new admission and/or readmission every year, by filling in and submitting the Application Form appended to the Hostel Prospectus.

Candidates selected for admission to the Hostel shall be required to pay the Hostel fees within the date and time stipulated in this regard. If the fees are not paid in the manner and by the date and time specified in this regard, any claim to admission to the Hostel shall stand automatically forfeited.

In case a student changes his course of study at any point of time after being admitted to the Hostel, his admission to the Hostel shall stand cancelled. He has to compete afresh with others in the new subject category to re-enter the Hostel, provided seats are available.

In case a resident fails in his College Examination and/or becomes an ex-student of the College, he will lose his Hostel allotment. Subsequently, upon passing, he will not get back his Hostel seat automatically.

Suspension/Expulsion order can be implemented with regard to any resident at any point of time on the grounds such as violation of College/Hostel Rules and regulations, Non-payment of dues, etc.

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