VIC Academicians

VIC academic environment is shaped by Academic Affairs unit and Academic staff , whose dedicated , committed and innovative in teaching by engaging, challenging and inspire the students. VIC believes in hiring the best academic staff to serve to the students by upholding the principles of "Quality education by quality people".

i. Academic Affairs Unit

To become a leading educational institution which provide higher learning capable of providing international education that would enhance the effectiveness and employability of students. To achieve academic excellence in the advancement and dissemination of knowledge and expertise, emphasizing and nurturing holistic development of the individual.

Our Core Value

Educational goals are accomplished through:

  • 1.Program and curricular that are both current and relevant to our community and society.
  • 2.Learning environments that are orderly, comfortable, sate and well-equipped.
  • 3.Flexible and varied instructional method designed to maximize learning opportunities for our diverse student.
  • 4.The development of initial thinking, problem solving, teamwork & life skills.
  • 5.Tasks that challenge our students to think creatively and take risks s part of the learning process.
  • 6.Empowerment of students to become self-directed learners.

ii. Academic Staff

The purpose of the role is to support and maintain the college's national and international reputation for excellence in teaching and research. Contribute to teaching within the department/faculty, will include course development and innovation, lecturing, conducting seminars and supervising undergraduate. The academic staff also involved in;

a. Developing curriculum and pedagogy

The academic staff of VIC participate actively in the development of the curriculum and pedagogy of the College. They give suggestion on the basis of their learning experiences, discuss the intricacies in following or not following any particular mode of teaching and this whole process evolve new teaching methods and strategies. This will help the academic staff to learn new concepts of teaching and applied innovative teaching style.

b. Staff development

In VIC, we believes that a inclusive learning is needed not only for students but also staff where internal and external staff developing programme is designed to enhance staff continuous learning process. This will be platform for the academic staff to discuss amongst themselves with the new methods of teaching and learning new strategy for creative and innovative teaching.

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